Busted! Don’t Believe These Home Inspection Myths!

By On The Level Inspections |

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A home inspection is an invaluable tool for home buyers to ensure that they are making an informed decision about one of the largest financial investments they will ever make in their lifetime. Unlike years ago, today, most buyers make use of this tool and have a home inspection carried out before the purchase is completed.

Despite the widespread knowledge of how home inspections work, confusion still persists over what the process does and doesn’t involve. This lack of knowledge has led to the spread of incorrect information and the creation of myths that affects how buyers perceive inspections.

To help separate fact from fiction, On The Level Home Inspections LLC has debunked three of the most widely believed myths about home inspections.

Myth 1: It’s the home inspector’s job to find things wrong with a home.

Yes, a home inspector will look at many details in a home, and even report on minor deficiencies. However, an inspector is not trying to sabotage a sale or help a buyer negotiate a lower price. The inspector wants the buyer to purchase their new home with confidence, and knowledge of the home’s condition, maintenance items, safety, and deferred maintenance items.

Myth 2: A home inspection will guarantee a buyer knows everything that needs repair.

Every home inspector will try to point out all of a homes deficiencies, items needing maintenance, or items that will need repair or replacement in a few years. However, some factors can limit our ability to “see” everything. Examples may include:

- The slab foundation is entirely underground, and a crack running through it is undetectable.

- The seller has items stored along walls, and we can’t see the hole in the wall, or test the electrical outlet.

- The garage is packed full, and the electric panel located in the garage cannot be reached.

- The critical thing to remember is an inspector can only report on items they can see, and only on those items “at the time of inspection”. An air conditioner working today may suffer from a lightning surge that night and fail.

Myth 3: The seller will rectify any faults found in the report.

A standard misconception clients believe is that all items in an inspection report must be rectified before closing. Alternatively, they might think the inspection report is their ammunition to get the seller to lower the price. On the contrary, an inspection report does not list everything that needs to be completed before closing. It only gives the purchaser an idea of any maintenance items or safety issues or deferred maintenance items that will need to be done in the next few years.

It is between the purchaser and the buyer to decide if any of these items need to be done before the closing. Although a report may be used to lower the purchase price of a home, that is not the intent of the report. Again, the report’s purpose is to give the purchaser the confidence to buy a house knowing of any deficiencies or items that will need to be taken care of in the near and distant future.

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